Time From:
4:00 pm

Time To:
8:00 pm

Free with admission or membership


Friday, September 9:
Join us for the third quarterly Family Night where we stay open late for even more hands-on fun throughout the museum. This month, experience the full spectrum of fun and explore every color of the rainbow with activities and experiments for the whole family!

Accio Fun and Science! Join us for the Wizarding World of the Works! We’re exploring magic as well as science! Watch along as our educators create a stunning array of experiments that could only be recreated with a wand and some magic words. Hands on activities available!
Included with Admission/Free for Members | All Ages
Fun around every corner!
  • Event runs from 4 PM-8 PM, activities end at 7 PM 
  •  20 Minute science shows on the hour with Potions and other Hogwarts Class themed science
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar to “Reveal your House”
  • Mark Morscher with magic wand circuits
  • Quidditch in Habitat exhibit