Exhibit opening & artist reception:

Time From:
5:00 pm

Time To:
7:00 pm

Free & Open to the Public

All ages

On display:
In December

Jacci Delaney has worked with glass for 17 years and is continuing to develop her skills in glassblowing, glass casting, and cold-working. Her solo exhibition “Hodge Podge” brings together all of these techniques. Jacci’s residency at The Works has given her the opportunity to experiment with new ideas. She has merged new color combinations for the blown glass objects and made new casting shapes.

The colors in Jacci’s work represent all of the different personalities people have and how we interact with each other. “Like people in conversation, the colors move through the pieces highlighting each other and sharing light,” said Jacci. “The castings have color that lightens and darkens as you move around the sculpture. This new work is by far the most colorful art work I have ever made.”