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Join us for even MORE in the museum on Saturdays! With a rotating selection of Science, History, and Art programs you will always find something new to explore.

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May 20 | Suncatchers – Design a beautiful Spring tissue paper suncatcher to display at home.

June 3 | Turtle Race Day – They may be slow but they can still race! Join us for National Turtle Race day and create your own turtle racer. Learn more about these amazing reptiles and have your photo taken with one of the three live turtles at the Works!

June 10 | EqualiTea – Over 100 years ago, Ohio ratified the 19th-amendment giving women the right to vote. Help us celebrate the largest enfranchisement in American history with an Equali-Tea party! Girls and boys are invited to enjoy sweet treats, story-time, crafts, and to walk in our own suffrage march.

June 17 | Silhouettes – Make an old fashioned silhouette using modern techniques.

July 1 | Fireworks – In honor of the Independance Day, join us as we make fireworks in a jar. Plus, create your own fireworks painting
to take home!

July 8 | Freedom – The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate American freedom, but what does that mean? Learn about the life of famous abolitionist Fredrick Douglass and how freedom hasn’t always been
guaranteed for every American.

July 22 | Caterpillars – Make your own very hungry caterpillar and explore
the distinctive collage style of author and illustrator Eric Carle.

Aug 5 | Pirates! – YARR, it be National Pirate Month! Come all ye lads & lasses for hands-on science experiments. Create a catapult & an air cannon as we shiver the timbers and create our own pirate flags.

Aug 12 | Ohio Agriculture – It’s corn! And beans! And squash! Learn how these three sister crops have shaped Ohio history. From Iroquois culture to modern farming methods, these plants truly are the “cream of the crop” of Midwestern agriculture.