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The Works

Join us in the SciDome for an evening of captivating science and entertainment! On the third Thursday of each month, hear from dynamic speakers about current science topics. Aimed toward adults who have a craving for lifelong learning, these sessions are sure to get your gears turning. Grab a seat, relax, and get an inside view of th

Predicting a solar eclipse and measuring the length of a year using only the lunar path and land structures seem impossible! By using the Turtle Shell calendar and a philosophy of phenomenology  our indigenous ancestors achieved remarkable and even unbelievable feats. Learn about the Dakota constellations including the snake stars above and the petroglyphs carved below within a sacred cave beneath two sets of burial mounds. These sites will be compared and connected with Ohio’s Giant Serpent and Newark Earthworks.

James Rock, Director of Indigenous Programming, Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium

Reservations Recommended – Limited Seating. This program is geared toward adults. Register here.