Did You Know?

It takes properties of magnetism and gravity working together for a compass to work? Find out more >


Hundreds of teachers rely on The Works as an educational resource center for classroom programs, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Who doesn't like slime? Polymers is an awesome school tour that all students and teachers enjoy.

The Works has built an impressive reputation in the education community for high quality STEM-based programs, school tours and outreach. Educators utilize The Works to reinforce lessons taught in classrooms through interactive participation, and then take those lessons further by using pre-designed Teacher Packets provided by The Works.

Educators have also come to know The Works as a STEM catalyst between school and industry partners. Our Virtual Resource Library of business professionals is eager to share their expertise in the classroom. Learn more about STEM at The Works.

Hands-on learning through play is the core principle of The Works, making it an ideal destination for educators to bring education to life for each student.