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Development Council

Assisting in the development of a succesful future for The Works is what this dedicated group of people are all about!

Members of Development Council meet to discuss current projects and plans for the future. This dedicated group of volunteers is a wonderful asset to The Works.

Development Council is a group of community volunteers committed to improving the future of the museum through fundraising campaigns, corporate partnerships, and community relations. The council is comprised of 3 committies focusing on these specific areas:

  • Annual Giving Committee: Members oversee and provide planning guidance to execute annual campaigns such as Annual Fund, Buy-A-Brick, and any other fundraising efforts.
  • Corporate Giving Committee: Members are leaders in fellow businesses/organizations who look for partnership opportunities between their business and The Works and way to support the mission of the museum.
  • Community Relations Committee: Members assist in the planning, execution, and promotion of annual special events held at The Works within the surrounding communities.

The Works is always looking to add fresh faces, perspectives, and ideas to Development Council to strengthen the future of the musem. 
Committees meet quarterly and members may serve for an unlimited term. To volunteer for a seat on council or for more information, contact the Development Office at 740-349-9277.