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In-Kind Support

The in-kind generosity of individual and corporate supporters is an indespensable asset to The Works.

Historical treasures in the basement, extra supplies in the closet, and a willingness to donate are the makings of great in-kind generosity.

In-kind support comes in all shapes and sizes and is vital to the success of The Works. This type of support benefits all facets of the museum, from special events, programs, general museum operation, or the collections department. Often times, in-kind support costs the donor minimal to no out of pocket expense.

Donations to Collections:

The Works' Collections Department is currently seeking specific items to add to its inventory for future historical exhibits. View/download the complete list of requested artifacts. Contact the Collections Department for further details.


Donations of Electronics to Invent Lab:

At various times thoughout the year, The Works requests donations of electronic items for the museum's Invent Lab. If you wish to donate items, please view/download the museum's policy on what, where, and when to donate electronics.


To support The Works through an in-kind donation, contact the Devlopment Office at 740-349-9277.