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It takes properties of magnetism and gravity working together for a compass to work? Find out more >

Interactive Science Labs

The Works' first floor is packed with intriguing hands-on science labs!

Experience interactive exhibits everywhere you turn on First Floor of The Works!

Hands-on learning through play; that's what The Works is all about! The museum's first floor is devoted to interactive learning stations, or labs. Each lab focuses on a scientific, technological or artistic topic, giving children and adults opportunities to explore and experiment. 


Check out these great labs:

Go Lab: The place to design, build and go! This lab is full of stations to design and build cars, sit in a race car simulator, and create gravity machines. These Go Lab stations are perfect for kids "on the go".

"DRIVE ALIVE", sponsored by State Farm®, focuses on the importance of driving safety for all ages. The exhibit features two driving simulators to test driving skills and reaction time, impaired goggle activities to simulate drunk driving vision, interactive driving games, and information on car seat safety.

Messages throughout the DRIVE ALIVE exhibit highlight auto safety, specifically related to the issues of teen drivers, seat belt usage, and distracted driving which directly align with State Farm's® priorities of safe driving and education.



Invent Lab: Perfect for kids and adults who love to tear things apart to see how they work. In this lab, you get a box of tools and safety goggles to use to tear apart real computers, printers, phones, and similar devices. And if you want to get creative, you can invent your own crazy “robot” or other contraption by reassembling the parts & pieces in a new way. 

Donating Electronics to Invent Lab:
At various  times throughout the year, The Works requests donations of electronic items for the museum's Invent Lab. If you wish to donate items, please view/download the museum's policy on what, where, and when to donate electronics.



Look Lab: Did you see that? It's a lab dedicated to light and optics! Experiment with lenses, colors, phosphorescence, magnification and more in tons of hands-on stations.






Me Lab: A compilation of hands-on activity labs focused on teaching children to think about their health at an early age and to make healthy choices regarding nutrition and exercise.






Zap Lab: Learning about electricity can be a shocking experience! This lab focuses on electricity, the amount of energy needed to power household items, and the forces of magnetism.






Sound Lab: This sounds like fun! Experiment with a xylophone bench, theremin, echo tube, and pipe organ. Many of this lab's stations are located outdoors in our LeFevre Courtyard, including the newest exhibit addition, "The Power of the Sun" - a demonstration of solar energy!




Tyke Lab: A fun lab designed for our youngest visitors! Children age six and under will enjoy playing in this colorful, interactive space. Look closely and you’ll notice that the decorative elements in this are represent local attractions such as Velvet Ice Cream and The Midland Theatre.